10 Digit Dialing in Manitoba

Our 204 area code that’s defined this province for years now has it’s competition.

Last November, our province introduced the prefix “4-3-1″ was given out to new users signing up for phone service. We’re all being asked to start using all ten digits when dialing, instead of the usual seven.

“It is really all about Maniotba’s population growth, combined with the fact many people have multiple numbers… basically, we’re running out,” said Selena Hinds of MTS Allstream.

For awhile Manitobans heard an automated voice reminding them to use the area code each and every time they make a call. After a few months ten digit dialing in Manitoba will be mandatory.

Alarm companies that use a telephone-based alert system have been preparing for the change well in advance.

SI Alarms Ltd stated to Global News that we switched our 500 home users one year before the change took place. If you do not account for the area code, emergency calls made through the security system have a possibility of not going through.

“Any type of security trigger has to be reliable,” said Stefan Rafella of SI Alarms. “So it’s no laughing matter.”

For our alarm business its serious business, for others, it’s more of a minor inconvenience with a possibility of losing the favored 2-0-4 area code.

“I would hate to get a new area code for my number, I feel that I would no longer be a Manitoban if I could not use the famous 204 code,” exclaimed one Winnipegger.


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