Winnipeg police charge teen in car break in caught on video

Winnipeg police charge teen after he was videotaped stealing.

Earlier this month a young 13-year-old boy was caught by Winnipeg police, breaking into a vehicle around the Burrows Avenue area. Scott Ballentyne’s was a local resident that was being targeted for theft. This was a recurring problem for a van that stayed on his property. The teen had no idea he was being video taped by a security camera hidden inside a light fixture. This covert self recording camera stored the ...

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China: Yunnan Normal University, Chenggong Campus

With recent school related gun incidents, the campus of Yunnan Normal University wished to build a state of the art, pure digital security surveillance system in all domiciles and property. The goal of this university was “preventative in nature and allowed for post-incident collection of evidence” this would prevent any useful video information from being lost that would compromise the system from being practical. The surveillance system had to be “safe, advanced, reliable, practical and convenient” With most technology, concern ...

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Kijiji Coupon – $200 Off Wireless Alarm System!

At SI Alarms, we are proud to start the year with a special deal. We have a wireless alarm for $200 off the regular price. SI Managed security systems will give your family the peace of mind and protection from intrusion. Serving the Winnipeg area for more than 10 years, we protect thousands of homes and business centers using both wired and wireless options.

The regular price for our wireless alarm system is $499, but you can get this ...

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