Manitoba homes for people with disabilities sit empty

Manitoba homes for people with disabilities have been affected due to changes in building code cause costs to skyrocket, community groups unable to foot bills.

Manitoba houses destined for people with disabilities are sitting empty after the province adopted the National Building Code. The newly created building code requires commercial fire systems to be purchased and installed by the community groups that support people with disabilities.

In the list of changes, there needs to be emergency lighting units, fire alarm panels, sprinklers, ...

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Brazil nightclub owner blames Inspectors over a fire that killed 235 people

An owner of a southern Brazil Boate Kiss Nightclub regrets opening his business once a fire took the lives of 235 people. The accused deflected the blame to architects and safety inspectors. Elissandro Spohr blamed Sunday nights calamity on a, “Succession of errors made by the whole country.”

The investigating police forces claim the blaze started after the performing band light a flare on stage that had a chain reaction with the sound proofing foam directly above the stage. Officials stated ...

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Shop surveillance cameras fail to comply with privacy laws

A new study performed by Andrew Clement, co-founder of the Identity, Privacy and Security Institute and his graduate students found evidence that surveillance equipment in Toronto’s Eaton Centre and Square One did not fully comply with the necessary signage requirements of the federal Personal Information, Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA)

The information collected from both malls showed that only 30 per cent of shops that had surveillance cameras had any kind of sign notifying people they were being recorded, and ...

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Family of three escape house fire

In the early morning on February 14th, 2013, at 55 Castlefall Grove N.E. just after 730am the house started to smoke.  A driver passing through the block noticed smoke coming from the house and decided to approach the house and to ring the door bell while calling 911. The homeowner and his two daughters, ages 19 and 21, were able to leave just in time before the house started to go up in fire.  This newly landed family had enough time to ...

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Canada’s crime rate falls to lowest point since 1972

Last year, there were fewer crimes that were reported to Canadian Police in 2011 than any time in the last 40 years. The House of Commons fight against how to curb weapon violence on the streets of Toronto.

On several occasions deadly shootings and shots rang out through the Greater Toronto Area. Statistics Canada reported that the seriousness of crime in Toronto actually declined, as this was the case in every major Canadian city

Some people are in shock of the number ...

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