The Lies of CSI: Survey exposes surveillance myths created by TV crime dramas

Canadians are hooked on crime dramas, and some shows are so convincing that our perception of what forensic technology can do has been skewed – especially when it comes to video surveillance.

According to a survey by Leger for Axis Communications, 68% of Canadians said they watch crime dramas like CSI, Criminal Minds, Castle and Law and Order. Of those surveyed, most believe image ...

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Alarm system frustrates Winnipeg senior

Most people have heard about the new door-to-door salespeople that visit our neighborhoods throughout the years. In recent summers, we have seen an increase in this type of selling in Winnipeg from American Alarm System Companies like Vivint & Titan.

Margaret Fentum is advising homeowners against buying residential alarm systems from door-to-door salespeople, stating that they created headaches for her rather than security.

Fentum said a couple of days after signing the contract, she was home alone when the alarm sounded.

“This horrific ...

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Family of 5 escapes St Vital house fire unharmed

A family of five escaped a dramatic New Year’s Day house fire in St. Vital unharmed but their home was completely gutted from the fire.

A neighbor told CTV News the family went to his house in the middle of the afternoon and asked him to call 9-11 because of smoke and moments later the house was engulfed.

The home is located at St Mary’s Road and Havelock Avenue.

A family of five escaped a dramatic house fire in St. Vital unharmed but ...

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