Alarm system frustrates Winnipeg senior

Most people have heard about the new door-to-door salespeople that visit our neighborhoods throughout the years. In recent summers, we have seen an increase in this type of selling in Winnipeg from American Alarm System Companies like Vivint & Titan.

Margaret Fentum is advising homeowners against buying residential alarm systems from door-to-door salespeople, stating that they created headaches for her rather than security.

Fentum said a couple of days after signing the contract, she was home alone when the alarm sounded.

“This horrific alarm was going off, and I had to get out because I would’ve had a heart attack,” she said.

A neighbour later found an improperly installed sensor on the third floor that was setting off the alarm.

Fentum said she the company she purchased the system from was Vivint. When she called to request a cancellation of contract, they refused to do so.

With any story, there are two sides. We believe these are the series of events that happened and will provide a detailed description of the security sale process most commonly used throughout the industry.

Upon realizing the maximum potential of how a security system can protect you against robberies, theft & intrusion with your salesperson, you will be asked to sign a contract. This contract is typically based between 3-7 years of alarm monitoring coverage. This ensure that you will have 24/7 365 monitoring of your doors, windows, carbon monoxide, smoke alarm and more; depending on what type of system you build.

Our base monitoring fee is $16.50 with the option of financing additional equipment through the adding them to the cost of monitoring. On average, home & condominium owners will take financial responsibility for systems on average of $50 / month for approximately 3 years. This allows them to optimize their residential alarm system for the maximum coverage possible, without taking an amount of immediate financial obligation.

In this story, the technical agent at Vivint should have been able to walk through Margaret Fentum the on screen options. Entering the password onto the keypad / control panel, would allow her to quickly and easily bypass the defective sensor. The level of technical support for this senior was very poor, and only suggested that she un-plug the system, leaving her with no monitoring and a running tab of services regardless if she was using it or not.

Also, it is important to note that when alarm companies in the security industry have you sign a contract, it can be cancelled. However, a deposit for the remaining un-paid months do need to be fulfilled.

At SI Alarms Ltd, we listen and understand the needs of our customers. During our consultation process, we ensure that the type of equipment is easy to manage for the end-user and offers affordable, comfortable security that exceeds industry standards. We are transparent with cost of residential alarm system monitoring and can help provide finance services for 2014.
We are saddened to hear that this Winnipeg senior had no clear understanding of the system and the contract. Being a leader in the security industry, our job is to provide the most secure environments and would like to have seen a family member or loved one be able to help identify if the security products would be a good fit.

Picture and content from this article courtesy of CBC News


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