Canada’s crime rate falls to lowest point since 1972

Last year, there were fewer crimes that were reported to Canadian Police in 2011 than any time in the last 40 years. The House of Commons fight against how to curb weapon violence on the streets of Toronto.

On several occasions deadly shootings and shots rang out through the Greater Toronto Area. Statistics Canada reported that the seriousness of crime in Toronto actually declined, as this was the case in every major Canadian city

Some people are in shock of the number of homicides in 2011 as it climbed to 598 in Canada which accounts for a seven per cent increase from the previous year (44 more homicides)

In total, Canadian Police reported 2 million incidents in 2011, which equates to approximately 110,000 fewer than in 2010 Statistics Canada reported.

The decline in crime rate was directed mostly by decreases in mischief, car theft, property offences, and break-ins. But the severity of crime index – a tool used to measure the extend of serious crime in Canada declined six per cent.

It wasn’t soon before the Conservatives took credit for this decline, attributing falling crime rates over the last four decades to our government’s tough-on-crime agenda.

Spokeswoman Julie Carmichael for Public Safety Minister Vic Toews states, “These statistics show that our tough on crime measures are starting to work. Our government is stopping the revolving door of the criminal justice system”

It’s clear that the longer that these criminals are kept in jail, they are not our committing crimes and the crime rate will decrease, and there is still alot of work to do.

From a security stand point, we provide the tools necessary to many levels of our community that are enforcing tougher criminal laws. Our relationship with law enforcement enables SI Alarms Ltd. to assist using comprehensive video and intrusion equipment to defend against criminal acts. In my opinion, we prevent crimes each and every day, that people wouldn’t have been able to commit in the first place, maybe because there are cameras, or heavily monitored areas.

Winnipeg security systems are becoming more common. The technology we provide our customers translates into real crime fighting tools. On a monthly basis, our internal statistics show us that the systems we deploy are the front line of defense for many homes in our growing Winnipeg city and they work.

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  1. Dwayne Z.  March 12, 2013

    The progressive conservatives have done a great job in the assistance of crime prevention with handing out stiffer sentences to people that break the law. In addition, having better camera technology and crime prevention tools I can clearly see a correlation between reduction and crime.


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