China: Yunnan Normal University, Chenggong Campus

With recent school related gun incidents, the campus of Yunnan Normal University wished to build a state of the art, pure digital security surveillance system in all domiciles and property. The goal of this university was “preventative in nature and allowed for post-incident collection of evidence” this would prevent any useful video information from being lost that would compromise the system from being practical. The surveillance system had to be “safe, advanced, reliable, practical and convenient” With most technology, concern of management would be that it would become outdated. A platform was created to allow for advanced improvement and future expand-ability.

What was introduced to the Chinese University was a surveillance system with a sophisticated back end based on the current campus’ road network. In the front of the facility you will notice a foreign product to China, a North American security company Axis. In other areas of the facility they utilize Shanghai Ziya’s EVIP professional video management platform system. The major features you will find on this advanced security system is the ability to easily display, record and view cameras in real-time.

The Chinese security system here on Yunnan spans coverage for all 57 buildings. There are on going plans and development for even more cameras through multiple efforts and will have more points of entry covered with cameras. The management platform used to monitor the campus is rugged and has no limit as to how many cameras can be added.

When we look back at the incidents at Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook and Columbine High School often we feel helpless and angered by the acts of a few that impacted the world. We trust our future students to pave the way for the next generations success and hope to see a positive beginning to a recovering economy. What can we do to protect our young students without taking away their constitutional freedoms? Is constantly monitoring the public and having surveillance the answer? Or is loose gun law to blame for these tragedies? Whatever way you look at it, there needs to be preventative action and SI Alarms stands behind surveillance networks that protect the future of our students.



  1. Kelly B.  February 19, 2013

    Having kids start school the same year that Sandy Hook occurred has kept me on my feet, it’s definitely made me think twice on what schools my kids should attend; coming to realization that any school in any location can be effected, I decided to consider only schools that take my children’s safety seriously. My requirements for school selection has always been one in a safe neighborhood with nice teachers, a lot of learning resources, and an overall great environment but I have since preferred schools that don’t tolerate bullying, keeps track of overall students activities and have security measures in place such as good easy to talk to counselors/teachers, plans in place in case of an emergency and cameras…

  2. djk80  February 19, 2013

    Definitely need better surveillance


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