Family of three escape house fire

In the early morning on February 14th, 2013, at 55 Castlefall Grove N.E. just after 730am the house started to smoke.  A driver passing through the block noticed smoke coming from the house and decided to approach the house and to ring the door bell while calling 911. The homeowner and his two daughters, ages 19 and 21, were able to leave just in time before the house started to go up in fire.  This newly landed family had enough time to leave with a filing cabinet of important documents. The fire started in a garage with two cars inside, which made it more dangerous for firefighters to extinguish.  Right away, the fire fighters called in a second alarm which gave more them more available support to put an end to the fire quicker.

It does not appear this family had a monitored smoke alarm installed their home which could have prevented a fire from spreading out, if they had the proper fire plan in place. Our fire monitoring costs is very affordable and only costs a few cents each day to monitor that also includes burglary protection. No matter how many fire prevention or burglary devices you have  our monitoring price stays the same.

SI Alarms in Winnipeg has been helping newly landed families secure their home with monitored fire and burglary solutions through the Winnipeg Housing Rehabilitation Corporation. Winnipeg Housing was established in the late 1970′s as a not-for-profit corporation involved in the renovation, development and management of affordable housing. In addition to providing tenants with quality housing, tools are provided to access many of the community supports such as resources and education. Monitored alarms for burglary and fire are implemented throughout each stage of development protecting an important resource for new families.

SI Alarms Ltd now has residential fire services in Winnipeg. We offer carbon monoxide detection, and smoke alarms to provide protection for everything you’ve worked so hard to build. Fire services in Winnipeg also provides new extinguisher sales for kitchen, electronic, and miscellaneous fires. It’s important to act in emergency situations. If you have no tools or resources to deal with emergencies fire situations, you run a high loss risk and can also be a public danger to your neighbors.

Monitored fire alarm service in Winnipeg has been at the forefront of our commitment to protecting people and property. Our certified, professional emergency call center agents are standing by to take your fire alarm calls in Winnipeg, Brandon, or Portage La Prairie and other cities in the province of Manitoba.



  1. Chris  March 11, 2013

    There will always be a need for fire safety and when you guys do it for as good of a price as you say, choosing si is a no brainer.

  2. Jefferey  March 11, 2013

    I was just browsing the services here on for fire services in Winnipeg and you came up. Actually a family friend of mine purchased a home from Winnipeg Housing and I’ve seen it installed in their home and it’s really nice. The price they pay to secure their family is just like you said, only a few pennies a day.. it’s unfortunate to hear about new families that come to Canada for a new beginning then lose everything in a measly fire that probably started by total accident. I’m happy that their fire plan is handled by Winnipegs best fire services SI Alarms Ltd


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