Kijiji Coupon – $200 Off Wireless Alarm System!

At SI Alarms, we are proud to start the year with a special deal. We have a wireless alarm for $200 off the regular price. SI Managed security systems will give your family the peace of mind and protection from intrusion. Serving the Winnipeg area for more than 10 years, we protect thousands of homes and business centers using both wired and wireless options.

The regular price for our wireless alarm system is $499, but you can get this system for only $299! Did you know that having a monitored alarm in your home will allow for a 10-15% discount on your home insurance?

The price to monitor and protect everything you’ve worked so hard to build is only pennies per day. At $17.99 per month we cover you in the case of emergencies. Our 24/7 365 central monitoring station keeps in contact through every step of attempted burglaries, and can dispatch police to react to crime in a timely and efficient manner.

Nowadays, we hear about the stories of people going on vacation, and coming back to an empty house because burglars had the time to empty the whole house. We understand the need for people to protect their valuables from unnecessary theft and that’s why we are offering up employee discounts to the public. Protecting and providing security is our companies mission.

Take this opportunity to call our office and learn more about our offers and equipment during our promotion. 204.231.1606


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