More power outages in the North End of Winnipeg this Easter Sunday

Power outages Early Sunday morning struck West Kildonan, East Kildonan, Garden City and River Heights. Hydro poles on Aberdeen caught fire and become unrepairable. This disrupted feeder lines that provided an abundant energy source for the surrounding areas.

Approximately 8,000 Manitoba Hydro customers were without power from approximately 12am-1245pm March 31st due to the abrupt power outages. These fires are caused due to build up of sand and excessive moisture from melting snow.

Aberdeen was not the only fire that occurred, hydro poles experienced the same shortage on Berry St. that left another 400 customers without service.

Many Winnipeg families had to postpone their Easter dinners as a result of the power outage.

After a 12 hour disruption of service, families thought service would be fully restored, but yet again another outage occurred Monday morning from 12am-3am. The power outages affected from Inkster Boulevard to Leila Avenue between McPhillips Street and the Red River.

The electrical grid here in Winnipeg is very large, at during this season it can be difficult for crews to find problematic lines, which is like finding a needle in a haystack. Power outages are common place, but Hydro crews work diligently and responded quickly to provide a constant flow of energy, something we take for granted and only notice when something goes wrong.

In the alarms business, our ‘grids’ or security networks are smaller and much more easily contained. Our service relies on battery backup so power outages are uncommon. We have the luxury of implementing specific sensors that give us the ability to track and monitor problems with temperature and water levels. These environmental sensors play a big roll in protecting places such as homes, your office, place of leisure, and other facilities.

Although many homes were affected by these power outages, we wish that everyone had a joyous time throughout the day with friends and family.



  1. Jennifer Grant  April 2, 2013

    These power outages could not have come at a worse time. Goes to show that our electrical grid isn’t robust as we lead to think it is. However, we take advantage of constant and great service we tend to focus on the negatives very quickly.

    @Mario V. – I didn’t know alarms had backup batteries.. was this an additional option you chose when you paid for the alarm?

    • Mario V  April 5, 2013

      @Jennifer: Sorry about the late reply, but actually this was not an extra option.. this was just included in the alarm system! All alarm systems from SI come with 8+ hours of battery backup inside the panel.

  2. Mario Vanshire  April 1, 2013

    This weekend was a bit frustrating but I’m glad Hydro was able to respond to these power outages as quickly as they did.

    My wife and I made alternative plans about 2 hours before the power returned.

    We were shocked to see that our home alarm system SI installed 3 years ago was able to continue working on battery back-up the entire time power was out. Even my cell phone gave up it’s charge way before the power outages were fixed.


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