• What are the benefits of having a monitored alarm system?

    Our central monitoring station is hard at work for you 24/7 365 days per year.  SI Alarms monitoring rate starting at just $19.99 / month makes it affordable for you to protect what matters most to you.  Eliminate the need to worry about your assets if you are on vacation, or away from the home for several hours.  We’ve standardized our alarm systems to have full remote control.  If you have a laptop, smartphone, or any web-enabled device, then you’ve got everything needed to look in on your home, family, or business anywhere.. anytime!  Also, your home insurance will be discounted 10-15% each year, meaning the price you pay for monitoring can be covered through this discount.

  • Should every door and window be protected?

    Every accessible door and window should be protected.   SI Alarms makes securing your home effortless and economical.  Winnipeg Crime Stats show that home related burglaries are common place in our city.  Our goal is to prevent such crimes from taking place, that’s why we install reliable security hardware, and provide you with the necessary window and lawn signage to help prevent robbery attempts.  By having multiple points of access secure you drastically reduce your homes vulnerability.

  • Do the authorities charge for false alarms?

    There are no charges for a false alarm.  Examples of false alarms can be attributed to such things as power outages, effects of weather, wrong buttons pressed on the keypad, or not leaving the premises in time while the system is being engaged.  Within seconds, our monitoring station will contact you regarding the alarm to identify the situation with your key holders.  A key holders list is mandatory, so we know who to contact in the case of an emergency.

  • Should I get a wired system or a wireless system?

    There are a number of determining factors that can influence the decision to go with a wired or wireless alarm system.  A major contributing factor is the construction and decoration of the premises.  Plaster walls with metal lathe, foil wallpaper, and large stainless steel appliances might prevent a wireless system from functioning properly.  Wireless systems are becoming more popular these days, allowing for more versatile and flexible home automation functions.  Get a quote with us, and we can help you identify your current and future security needs.

  • What about fire safety?

    This area of security is far too often overlooked.  Most homes have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors installed.  What happens when no one is home to respond to an alarming smoke or carbon detector?  Most importantly, what could happen if you fall into a deep sleep you can’t wake from because of carbon monoxide?  Here at SI Alarms we advocate all of our customers to monitor their fire and carbon monoxide detectors.  In the case you can’t make that important call for assistance, we can place it for you.   Read our testimonials to see how we help citizens of Winnipeg rest easy with our monitored services starting at just $19.99 / month.

  • Can I have pets with an alarm system?

    The answer is yes!  We love our four legged friends, and have introduced pet sensitive equipment just for them.  We have specific motion detectors that can allow up to a 100lb pet to freely roam throughout your premises while the security system is armed and active.

  • What happens in a power failure?

    Our alarm systems are equipped with a battery back up located inside the panel.  As power returns, the battery is re-charged. They provide a maximum of 24 hours of backup alarm service.

  • What monitoring features can I add to my alarm system?

    Here is the list of items and features you can add to your alarm system for additional security.  Smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, sump pump failure, flood detection, high or low temperature, medical emergencies, and open and close schedules are all available through SI.  Get a quote from us to receive more information.

  • Do I get a discount on my insurance?

    Yes!  When your home alarm system is monitored many insurance companies will offer you a discount on their home insurance policies.  Typically in our province, you will be eligible for a 10-15% discount!  The discount can practically pay for your monthly monitoring rate.

  • I heard that a majority of signaled alarms are false. If this is true, why should I even bother to have an alarm?

    Canadian monitoring stations show there is an average of 60-80 false alarms per day.  Police officers report that they have rarely responded to an alarm call with a true burglary taking place.  However, each day there is over 100 real burglaries that are reported.  Using this information, we can safely state that premises with a monitored alarm system are not being targeted.  Owning an alarm system is a strong deterrent that removes your home off the market to such crimes.  It’s estimated that only about 20% of homes are proactively monitored giving burglars plenty of other targets.