RoamAlert Securaband (Copy)

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  • The Securaband tag is very small – just one inch square and a squarter of an ounce – and fits comoftably on the wrist or ankle. The strap has no hard or sharp edges. Both tag and strap are a neutral beige color that will be less noticeable to residents.
  • Unlike other solutions, you don't need to invest in an expensive network of receivers with Securaband. It's cost effective whether you need to protect one individual, or dozens.
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Product Description

Every long term care facility has experienced a resident determined to remove a wander prevention tag. Now there’s a new solution to this problem: The Securaband tag and strap for the RoamAlert system. It’s the industry’s toughest resident tag, designed quite simply to stay on.

The Securaband tag and strap are designed to stop a resident from removing the tag. The Strap has two metal wires running its full length, with a special clasp to lock the strap in place. The tag itself is shaped to prevent a resident from trying to pry it off, a common technique; the slots are shallow and inset so that no object can be inserted.


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